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"Accidents really strike in the most unexpected of times. Extreme pressure made our home pipes burst, and before we knew it, water has flooded almost every corner of the house. One quick call solved all our problems! Thank God for PuroClean. We wouldn't know what to do with our flooded home if not for you guys."


"Thank you for the prompt response to our request. Two days into the job and we can already see major improvement on our fire-stricken home. At first we thought the whole house was a goner, but thanks to your expert advice, we are able to save a large part of the property. We look forward to the end result!"


"We appreciate the genuine concern and the excellent service. Thanks for your sincere compassion during our time of need. The crew was very polite and they were handy with all the equipment. When one of the fans stopped working, customer support response was fast and they got the machine working again in no time. Keep up the good work, PuroClean!"


"Efficient and very professional. Previous companies have done sloppy jobs with my mould and mildew problem (which kept coming back after only a few months). The house smelled clean and fresh after the treatment and I've got a good feeling that's the last time I'll ever see mould on my walls."


"Your people were very friendly and they did an amazing job sweeping out all flood water and disposing of the damaged items from our flooded basement. What other companies projected as a one-week job, you guys did in just three days! Very impressive."


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